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No parle Americano: generating demand for meaningful conversations in EMEA

DE Zscaler Digital Transformation Report LinkedIn Banner V2.3
  • 216 accounts engaged.
  • Over 1,000 engagements tracked against stakeholders.
  • 212 leads opted-in with 50 marketing qualified leads requiring an immediate follow up from sales after only 12 weeks.
  • This account-centric, localized approach was subsequently expanded into programs targeting accounts in the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Key aspects of the program

    • Demand generation campaigns historically run from US HQ, but the EMEA team wanted a more localized, account-centric program.
    • This program was delivered with both scale and granularity in mind with the ability to monitor stakeholder behavior throughout.
    • A three-phase, account-centric demand generation program, delivered in local language, at stakeholder level, with clearly defined follow-up actions for every individual lead generated, was designed.
    • 4,500 contacts were allocated a ‘persona’ and customized content was created for each persona to accelerate engagement.
DE Zscaler Digital Transformation Report LinkedIn Banner V2.3
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Change Wholesale

Full funnel demand generation program that led to a 50% increase in new customers

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  • Over 750 of the target brokers accounts engaged and visited the Change website in only 5 months.
  • 13,709 unique web visits.
  • Over 61.99% completion rate on videos (compared to industry average of 13.27%).
  • Increased web traffic by 213% (81,000 to 256,000 users YoY).
  • Reduced bounce rate from over 20% to <10%
  • The activity targeting selected audiences achieved 4x the industry benchmark across paid media channels.

Key aspects of the program

  • This innovative, integrated, multichannel campaign was designed to take audiences from initial awareness, through consideration and trial.
  • Tactics included online video, paid and organic social, display and programmatic, interactive ads, website experience/landing page and email nurture.
  • Multivariant testing throughout and an innovative, industry-leading measurement dashboard enabled us to focus on communicating our brand message and proposition.
  • The campaign was relatable, hitting broker insights right in the nose, and also stood out from conventional financial services marketing with its energy and humor.
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Partner marketing campaign that generated over $13 million in pipeline acceleration

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“This channel marketing program is considered the gold standard of marketing within our sales teams.” WWT ABM Team

After only 8 weeks this campaign:

  • Generated over $13 million in pipeline acceleration for WWT and Pure Storage’s combined proposition into the financial services industry.
  • Achieved over 50% of target account engagement with content created. 

Key aspects of the program

  • Program looked to expand channel marketing opportunities to accelerate growth within 26 white space financial services accounts.
  • Pure and WWT needed help identifying pursuit target accounts and developing verticalized, joint messaging and positioning that stood as a strong base for subsequent killer, joint content.
  • Content produced included: sales battlecard, rallying cry, joint educational blog, ebook, case studies and an Interactive partnership brochure.
  • This content tapped into intent data and account insight and communicated joint messaging that spoke to the pain points and trends financial services were working towards.

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